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These are fascinating sculptures done by Robert Cannon . He calls the work Terraform Sculpture. TERRAFORM (literally, “Earth-shaping”) the process of deliberate modification of the atmosphere, temperature, surface topography or ecology to be similar to those of Earth to make it habitable by humans. While in Robert’s case, he uses concrete and mosses with most of his creations.

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An Ancient Fascination

Octopuses and their kin, sea creatures known collectively as cephalopods, have grabbed hold of our collective imagination for thousands of years.

We share this fascination as manifested in art, literature and contemporary culture in “Tentacles: The Astounding Lives of Octopuses, Squid and Cuttlefishes.” Highlights include:

  • A steampunk-style sculpture made from raised copper and brass with glass in the Japanese technique called “Tankin.”
  • Ancient Minoan pottery replicas painted with cephalopod designs.
  • An illustration from Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.
  • A drawing of octopuses attacking a fleet of ships, depicted as fact by a French naturalist in 1803.
  • A highly detailed drawing of cephalopods by famed naturalist Ernst Haeckel.
  • Glass models of squid and octopuses by father-son team of Leopold and Rudolph Blaschka.
  • A replica of the famous abstract work, The Birth of the Cephalopods, by Mark Rothko.
  • A dramatic depiction of a sea of ammonites 73 million years ago.
  • A replica of the intriguing yet slightly disturbing image of Contessa with Squid by Omar Rayyan.
  • Cephalopod tattoo art.

We also commissioned San Francisco Bay Area artist Nemo Gould to create three kinetic sculptures for “Tentacles” using found objects. Gould has transformed a jumble of junk into delightful dioramas that carry conservation messages delivered through a sense of wonderment.

Tentacles" opens April 12.

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Camouflage Chameleon [1000X680]http://living-planet.tumblr.com/


Camouflage Chameleon [1000X680]

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Diopside on Graphite Merelani Hills, Tanzania


Diopside on Graphite
Merelani Hills, Tanzania

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MeCre (mechanical creatures) by Gaby Wormann

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from the series Iceland, by Kate Friend

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photos of butterfly and moth wings taken by linden gledhil at seven to ten times life size.

"evolution is written on the wings of butterflies" - charles darwin

Seeing the microscopic wonder that is a butterfly’s wing always makes me think of Vladimir Nabokov, author and lepidopterist (and not necessarily in that order).

You’ll want to check out Nabokov’s butterfly sketches, whimsical fantasy species presented as gifts to his wife. And don’t miss his gorgeous butterfly-inspired poem, “On Discovering a Butterfly”.

Finally, don’t miss this great video from Smarter Every Day in which Destin goes full microscope on some butterfly scales. Beautiful stuff:

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Fashioning Cancer: The Correlation between Destruction and Beauty is a project by UBC costume design professor Jacqueline Firkins to promote deeper conversations about disease for women.

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